Saturday 26th January 2019: 5pm –8:30pm

Maa Maat Centre Tottenham N17, 9HT

1.    17:00hrs Libation

2.    17:05hrs Chair’s Welcome

3.    17:10hrs Apologies:-

       Attendance:- Glenroy Watson

4.    17:15hrs New Members Swearing in

5.    17:20hrs Elections: Youth, Spiritual, Auditor, Campaign Co.

6.    17:25hrs Minutes of Last Meeting: 24th November 2018.

6.1  Amendments

6.2  Agreeing the minutes

6.3  Matters Arising: “Items not on the agenda.

7.    17:50hrs Officers Report

7.1  Elders

7.2  Co-Chairs: Work program update

7.3  Secretary:   

7.4  Membership Secretary:

7.5  Information Officer

7.6  Treasurer:

7.7  Health Officers

7.8  Press Officer:

7.9  Educational Officers:                             

8.    18:30hrs Correspondent:

9.    18:40hrs Reports: Pan Afrikan Congress Conference/ Accra

       18:50hrs a) Local

       18:55hrs b) International

10.  19:00hrs Guest Speaker: Adotey of Afrikan Credit Union  

11.  20:20hrs Any Other Business: ‘notified to chair in advance’

12.  20:25hrs Close in Unity & encouraging words: 

13.  2030hrs Close  

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