Reparations NOW!!! 

Help US Fight for It

GACuk is a membership organisation made up of members representing Afrikan groups and

organisations. We are not a charity.


We were established to fight the legacy of injustice emanating from the enslavement and the genocide

of millions of Afrikans i.e. the Maangamzi.


The result of European expansionism from the

1500s until the 1900s and the continuous acts of racist violence prevalent not only in British society today, but globally.


We charge the British government, in common with other European governments, with culpability for unjust enrichment through enslavement and


Repairing the legacy of damage

The root cause of the problems

that we are addressing are institutional racism, white privilege and power,which are the catalyst for white criminal supremacist systems of government, police terror, hate crimes, criminalisation,

ghettoisation, demonisation and all

the social, psychological, spiritual

and medical pathologies stemming from it.


It remains evident that Afrikan people still suffer from the continuing legacy of the barbarism and inhumanity that

characterised their mass dispersion across the continent of Afrika and the Diaspora through the so-called

transatlantic slave trade, the Holocaust of enslavement, and the Maafa/Maangamizi.

Redressing the scourge of injustice

GACuk is the community organisation specifically established for
progressing the reparations agenda within an international Pan Afrikan
organisational mandate.
This focus is a significant asset to the uk reparations community. The Afrikan
community sector in the uk is at a point where it needs to evolve and drive a
renewed policy agenda highlighting the specific issues facing uk Afrikans. A major
theme to be inculcated in the uk Afrikan community is the building of accountability
and organisations.