Our key objective is to

achieve Reparations

for the crimes against

humanity that have

been committed

against our people: 

including neo-colonialism, genocide and racism, which continue today and are an intrinsic component of the capitalistic system that we must be dismantled. 

We aim to mobilise and engage the human, economic, political, spiritual and cultural resources of the UK’s Afrikan population around the issue of Reparatory Justice.

Reparation. Not pity

Repairing the damage 

GACuk is a community organisation rising from global Pan Afrikanist’s responses to Afriphobic racism. The ‘We Charge Genocide’ lobby emanating from Africans in the America’s, and galvanised in the Durban 400 lobby, guided the United Nations Durban Declaration and Program of Action in 2001. This specified the transatlantic capture and transportation of Africans as a crime against humanity. Holding the perpetrators of

this crime to account is still pending, and the

prime focus of our existence.

Pan Afrikanist’s next step in this response is seminally outlined in a comprehensive program for reparations, and the establishment of an Organisation to action the program.


This response is called the Bridgetown Protocols (October 2002) and details the process that Pan Afrikanist’s followed. An interim committee was established to structure an international Afrikan community organisation GAC. It is from this process that the GAC was conceived, and a branch in the uk was swiftly established GACuk.

Reparations Context UK

Consultation meetings hosted by GACuk in

2013 on the CARICOM RJP and the pre-national reparations conference in Birmingham with iNAPP and PACM clarified the nature of UK Afrikan NGO’s relationship to the reparations agenda.


The aspiration of GACuk is the development of joint initiatives. GACuk’s support of Rastafari Movement uk’s well attended Reparations march in August 2014 has reflected a need for strengthening working relationships within the Afrikan UK community.

Previous Years Activities

 Over the years GACuk has steadily continued its program of members and committee meetings on the last Saturday of each month, with campaigning activities including: